About us

Product Design @ Orange Silicon Valley

Product Design at Orange Silicon Valley is a team in San Francisco that educates leaders on how to build products that are useful, intuitive, and ultimately delight customers. We empower product teams with new tools, methodologies, and frameworks to make sure they are building the right thing, and they are building it right.

We believe that learning by doing is critical. We do so by exploring business and market opportunities through a human-centric lens: we run product discovery, customer development, and test our solutions through an iterative process that includes ideation, prototyping, and experimentation.


Our team

AntoninAntonin Lapiche is the rapid prototyping guy of the Product Design team. His passion for technology makes him a self learner, continually experimenting with new technologies to solve customer pain points. His philosophy: K.I.S.S and “a prototype is worth a thousand meetings”. Antonin is the founder of thesiliconvalleystable.com and proud father of Captain Feedback. He holds a Masters in CS from EFREI Engineering School and a Master in Management from Audencia Nantes School of Management. You can engage with him (or just send him funny GIFs) on Twitter @airlikidh2.


Gregory Veran is the jack-of-all-trades in the team: his experiences and technical skills span across engineering, business, UX design, analytics and operations. He enjoys collaborating at all levels, from framing the strategic vision, through designing concepts and experiments, to implementing code. He has an avid thirst for learning and experimenting, which led him to quickly embrace a Lean and Agile mindset. His latest experiment is the Captain Feedback bot and website. In his free time you can find him exploring mountain bike trails, playing beach volleyball, or cooking French comfort food. He holds a MS in industrial engineering from Ecole Centrale and an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas.

davidDavid Martin is a PM at Orange Silicon Valley.  David likes to say he is a product guy with a business hat and a customer’s perspective.  He loves figuring out what makes customers tick, has extensive product experience working with international teams, and built some of the first “touch to share” consumer mobile apps with NFC. David fundamentally believes that people can change, improve, and achieve their goals one habit at a time. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BA in Asian Studies from Colgate University.  Occasionally, you can find him at @sfproductguy.


CM_moma croppedCarolyn Ma is Design Lead at Orange Silicon Valley. She is a trained painter and visual designer delving into the world of experience design and technology. Carolyn is fascinated by psychology and behavioral science and enjoys traveling and studying behavioral patterns from different cultures and how they inform designing for human-machine interaction. Carolyn holds a BFA from Boston University. She spends her free time stalking following Anthony Bourdain around the world. You can find her on Twitter @misformurder.